The innermost technique “Kiriotoshi “- the cut down

The ultimate technique of all sword schools is essentially the same, and it is named “Kiriotoshi” in the Hokushin Ittoryu school. In physical terms it is when an incoming sword is deflected by an intercepting cut executed simultaneously. Anyone, can be taught the physical movement. However, lacking the psychological and emotional content it will not work.

The technique itself cannot be committed successfully when counteracting and deflecting the incoming sword if there is a slightest distraction that crosses one’s mind, resulting in tensing the body. Our mind (or the spirit) can only manage to “free” itself for an instance from the spontaneous thoughts and emotions. It is very difficult to control your mind by reigning in the various psychological activities to stay calm and relaxed. That’s why the “Kiriotoshi” is considered the innermost technique requiring a disciplined “mind” along with
the proper physical execution.

Because it concerns the mind, when performing the technique, it will manifest the individual’s personality. Your ego will reveal your inner-most fear while your conventional wisdom and past efforts will become irrelevant. At that very moment, you will require to literally “cut down” your anxiety and obsession, discover your true inner-self and render yourself to the “divine existence”.

An instructor can only demonstrate to you how it is done, but will not be able to teach you how to perform the actual feat. Every individual(s) will need to strive on their own to attain such ability and skill.

On the other hand, even a novice can be immediately certified as a “master” swordsman if the individual can perform the proper “Kiriotoshi” on their first day of joining the school.